Surimi Sticks/Flakes with crab flavour

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Additional information

Scientific Name

Nemipterus SPP

Country of Origin


Farmed / Wild

Wild caught

Freezing Process


Handling Storage

Keep frozen at -18℃ or below


Whole year

Shelf Life

24 month

Eating Method

Ready to eat

Intended Consumer

General public Avoid if you are allergic to fish

Product details

Ingredients list: Surimi (Threadfin Bream,Sugar,Sorbitol,Sodium

Polyphosphate), Water, Wheat Starch,Corn Starch,Modified Tapioca

Starch,Egg White, Soybean protein, Salt, Sugar,Mirin, Soybean Oil,Crab

Extract, Crab Flavour, Sorbitol,Konjac Glucomannan, Monosodium

Glutamate, Calcium Carbonate,Color Added(Carmine and Paprika)

Allergen Contains: Fish(Threadfin Bream),Shellfish(Crab),Egg,Wheat and Soybean.

Ingredients name: Surimi 40%, Water 31.03%, Wheat Starch 12%,Corn

Starch 3%, Modified Tapioca Starch 3%, Egg White 2%, Soybean protein

2%, Salt 1.3%, Sugar 1.3%, Mirin1.0%, Soybean Oil 0.8%,Crab Extract

0.8%, Crab Flavour 0.7%

Additives name: Sorbitol E420 0.5%, Konjac Glucomannan E425 0.3% ,

Monosodium Glutamate E621 0.2%, Calcium Carbonate E170 0.03%,

Sodium Polyphosphate E452 0.03%, Color Added (Carmine E120 and

Paprika E160c) 0.01%

Organoleptic Evaluation

Appearance: Smooth appearance, uniform coloring, freezing well

Colour: Meat: Natural white; Colorance: Red

Smell & Flavour: Crab

Texture: slight filament

Glaze: no

Foreign material: no


Packaging details:

Primary:preprinted Bags,Type of packing: LDPE and BOPA, Dimensions:(L x Hmm);

Mark: Name of products, ingredients, produton date, best before date, Lot

Number, Country of Origin, net weight, factory name and approval number and etc

Secondary: printed Master Carton, Dimensions: (L x M x H mm),

Mark: production name, production date, best before date, Lot number, net weight ,Country of origin, factory name and approval number


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