Welcome to Golden Bay .Your frozen seafood supplier ,purchaser and quality control in China.

Main products

Frozen tilapia
Frozen tilapia fillet
Frozen golden pompano
Frozen baby octopus
Frozen seafood mix
Frozen squid ring
Frozen squid flower
Frozen squid tube
Frozen squid T+T
Frozen giant squid tentacle
Frozen imtation crab sticks
Frozen imitation crab flakes
Dried salted cod fillet
Frozen pollock fillet
Dried salted pollock fillet
Frozen whole shell mussel
Frozen half shell mussel
Frozen boiled mussel meat
Frozen short neck clam
Frozen boiled clam meat
Frozen half shell scallop
Frozen roe off scallop meat
Frozen scallop meat with roe
Frozen garlic scallop with vermicelli
Frozen cheese scallop

We provide value-added services

One-stop purchasing

We are trading more than 20 species frozen seafood from China to all over the world.You can get any seafood you want here.Mix container can be supported even if small quantity per item。

Customized products and services

Suppliers' accurate grasp of the market and products can greatly save your purchasing time . We can directly recommend products of suitable quality and price level for you based on your end market . And establish your personal ID in our sales system to record your requirements and documents during the cooperation , forming a standard operating process to save your enegy.

Updated market infomation timely

Seafood business is small profit ,because of exchange rate ,raw material ,freight cost,season ,weather delays, natural disasters, government regulations.Changes in any one factor will have a great impact on the price.Timely market information plays an important role in buyer’s purchasing plan and inventory.

Packaging design

If you want to open a new project ,Or maybe you want to upgrate a more attractive packaging.Don’t worry ,we can design beautiful cartons and bags for you and save your design cost.

New project development

We will regularly recommend new products suitable for your market and share our success cases in your country. Help you expand the market, attract more customers, and get more profits.

Working 24/7

Any your questions will get our prompt reply.Golden bay ,no time difference..

What people say?

HACCP, ISO ,BRC ,BAP ,MSC standards supplier

Why Golden Bay?

From raw material procurement, processing and packaging, to delivery, we have a strict product quality control system. Customer customized services improve the efficiency of buyers and sellers. 

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