Frozen tilapia fillet

Product:Frozen tilapia Fillets Skin-on Tail/Frozen tilapia Fillets Super Deep Skinned/Frozen tilapia Fillets Deep Skinned/Frozen tilapia Fillets Shallow Skinned/Frozen Tilapia Fillets Skin-on

Describtion:Frozen tilapia fillet(oreochromis niloticus),boneless,skinless,IQF,PBO,IVP,CO treatment,chemical treated,normal trimmed/well trimmed

Specification: 2-3oz/3-5oz/5-7oz/7-9oz/9-11oz

Additional information

Scientific Name

Oreochromis niloticus

Country of Origin


Farmed / Wild

Farm Raised


Whole year

Freezing Process


Handling Storage

Keep frozen at -18℃ or below

Shelf Life

24 month

Eating Method

Cook fully before eating.

Intended Consumer

General public Avoid if you are allergic to fish

Product details

Product Ingredients: tilapia , water


Processing methods:Raw materials (live tilapia) are made into frozen tilapia fillets by raw materials acceptance, TS (Tasteless Smoke) treat, bloodletting, fillet, *skin, *rub skin, trimmed, boneless and touch bones, grade, *Secondary TS (Tasteless Smoke) treat, Rinse with clear water, Secondary rinse with clear water, *Vacuum packing, Tray-load, Freeze instantly, ice glazing, Secondary Freeze, quantitative packing, quantitative packing, Outer package, refrigerated storage.

Note:Process with * are the optional items allowed to be modified according to the

requirement of customer and the relevant import laws and regulations of the country

Form of Packing: Inner packing materials are packed in bulk and food-grade PE plastic bag, and the outer packing material is carton.

Organoleptic Evaluation

Finished product item




%Specification is too big%




cut wound












fish skin/black membrane




white membrane




fish scale




damage fracture




fish bone




foreign materials





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